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Dance Instruction,  DJs and MCs,   Demonstrations  Performance by SwingFX dance team - 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's style themes - go here for details 


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Fri Oct 24th  "real or fictional" HEROES vs. VILLAINS Halloween Swing JAM
+ CraZy BiG ApPle Contest + free swing lesson + free ghoulish snacks 

Dance 9:30pm - 12:30pm
Free Beg Swing lesson  9:00pm

WHAT IS CraZy BiG ApPle Contest? 
Get in it ....Learn New Jazz Steps or Simply Show Off.   Developed in the 1930's this dance is lead by a Caller who calls out what Jazz Step to do next!   No partner needed, just keep jamming the step until the next  one is called. Cheating by copying others is totally encouraged.  Steps will be demo-ed beforehand 'cuz we want EVERYONE in it! .   So....HEROES on one side, VILLAINS on the other and let's go at it!   Pre-lim Round:  Everyone on the floor with 5 people moved to final round.  Most entertaining Big Apple moves can win. Audience picks winner.  

Can't wait to see what people do with their photo op!   You can be anything.   Keep it simple or go crazy.  Links for costume ideas below  OR put on that winning or dastardly smile  and bring your hero self or villain self ( hee hee) .  


OR "google image" fictional heroes, fictional villains, real life heroes, real life villains. Lots of choices and some are really easy to do.  

Swing DJs,   James MC Graw,  Katy Randall and Nick Mc Collum and they are all great dancers too.
At  Dance For 2     7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd  SD CA 92111 
Cost:   Just  $8  Students with ID get $2 off 

WEEKLY DANCES    Hosted by 2toGroove 
Late evening JAM swing & Blues dances every Friday.   
Early Jitterbug JIVE dance mixers twice a month.

LOCATION   All dances at Dance for 2   7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd  SD CA 92111   map 
PARKING     Free , in front , at side and in back of building - use 4 driveways to access different lots

Full Time students w/ID - get $2 off entrance ( except for Sunday dances)  

Table seating - great for birthday/anniversary party  
Discounts for birthday groups call to arrange 619 291 3775 
2000 sq ft dance floor plus dance lounge upstairs on JAMnBLUES nights
Great A/C in all rooms 
Free snacks - OK to bring in your own food or beverage


JAMnBLUES dance         LATE evening1st and 3rd Fridays     9:30pm - 12:30am    $8 cover 
TWO rooms - Swing downstairs  & Slow Blues upstairs  
Guest DJs
Lessons before inc dance - cost $15
8:30pm Beg Swing/Charleston or 9:15pm Slow Blues Dance Taster 
Music for Lindy, Charleston, East Coast, Jitterbug, Balboa & Blues Dance 
NEWCOMER DISCOUNT Night  - every FIRST Friday of month - get 30% off if you
join our facebook group Swing JAM Fridays 

Swing JAM Fridays dance   LATE evening 9:30pm to midnight or later 2nd and 4th Fridays $8 cover 
ALL swing them in main hall 
lessons - Beg Swing/Lindy/Charleston  or Int Lindy/Charleston
Free Shim Sham lesson 
Jam Circle celebrations for birthdays and out of towners
Music for Lindy, Charleston, East Coast, Jitterbug, Balboa
NEWCOMER DISCOUNT Night  - every LAST Friday of month - get 30% off if you 
join our facebook group Swing JAM Fridays 

NEW Jitterbug CLUB Sunday     EARLY evening dance1st & 3rd Sundays   7:00-9:30pm   
$7 cover    (no student discounts for this event) 

TWICE a month
Carrying on the Pattie Wells swing tradition
Mostly swing music mix with seom hustle, cha cha, west coast, salsa added for variety 
LIKE THIS DANCE FORMAT?  -  Come to Jitterbug JIVE Friday too - every 2nd & 4th Friday 
of the month - see info above . 


Fri AUG 22  Last stop on CA tour !
Red Skunk Band VIPER MADNESS  Swing Dance  & CD Release Party
Vintage Dress Theme

SPREAD THE WORD...this came together fast and with little time to tell everyone - Share this great news now! It'll be a great night to bring your non- dancing friends too 

SD dancers loved them at SD Jazzfest 2014!      
From New Orleans,Sacramento, Morro Bay, Ventura and
VIPER MADNESS theme dance - get your vintage 30s/40s outfits ready.   
Dance     9pm to 1am 
FREE Beg Lesson before 8:30pm 
SwingFX team performance
AND late night DJ'd blues/slow lindy dancing after
Free snacks and water provided.  Feel free to bring in fave beverages!   

LOCATION:  Dance for 2   Ballroom  
7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd  SD CA 92111  map

$18 per person NO CD                                 +credit card fee       NO LONGER AVAILABLE - pls buy at door 
$23 per person WITH Red Skunk new CD      +credit card fee       NO LONGER AVAILABLE - all $5 CDs sold 
$20 Reserved VIP table for 4                        +credit card fee       NO LONGER AVAILABLE 
Got a bigger group?  We'll put two tables together for you.

At door - CASH ONLY 
$25 per person
Red Skunk CD  $15 

 JINGLE JAMnBLUES all RED holiday party - live music w/the FREMONTS 
Live music, Holiday performances, Dancing Gag Gift Exchange and more.   Pre-sale tix ends Dec 12 at midnight  

1st annual JAM MASQUERADE Swing Ball 2012 was amazing.  We're doing it again next year so don't miss it! Pics from 2012 event  - click here 

San Diego Lindy Exchange 2012 was a hige success...check out the Friday night event at JAM 6/22/12

SwingFX Hosts 1920s Speakeasy Night at JAMnBLUEs with Whitney Shay Quartet   May 2012 SwingFX performance, snak bar, exotic punch, Free 20s Charleston lesson,  Solo Charleston JAM contest , lessons before dance 
JINGLE JAM n BLUES RED Holday Party with Mercedes Moore Blues Band  Dec 2011
Potluck social hour, surprise SwingFX holiday performance, Dancing gag gift exchange,  lesson before

A combination of technology and romance  - think Victorian era Britain meets science fiction and fantasy....get your dress up on and bring your swingout skills.   Live music with Zymmzzy Quartet  Best costume contest   Swingout Challenge Contest  

8/3 –Live music ENDLESS SUMMER PARTY @ JAMnBLUES w/The Fremonts, SD Jack & Jill Contest + Limbo contest & Snack Potluck .  Lessons too!|ENDLESS SUMMER JAM  - Potluck picnic   & limbo Contest with THE FREMONTS  Celebrate summertime in the tropics with us Think cool breeze, swaying palm trees, hula girls, luaus, and dancing like there's no tomorrow. BRING FRUIT TO SHARE. Dress tropical in your coolest summer casual - flip flops optional, who dares to wear shorts? Free Hula lesson 10:15pm    "How low can you go LIMBO CONTEST" - make it under or wipe out! ( last year we saw some crazy flexible swing dancers) 

Black & White JAM Swing Ball Dress up and dance - lessons before  Spring 2010
Jingle JAM - great energy, way fun
Jingle Jam Holiday Party   was a huge success  Thanks to all that made it so much fun...especially during the ridculous dancing gag gift exchange.  
Fri Dec 10th  Jimmy Woodard & Swingin'  Kings
Halloween 2010 At Viejas

       David Patrone 2010 $2000 Halloween Costume & Swing Party 
was many incredible costumes.  The turnout was amazing with great live music that kept us dancin' all night long.  Thanks to all that made it out...what about next year? 
Harvest Moon Ball 2010 rocked

 The JAM Harvest Moon Ball  Sept 17th was a HUGE Success!  
See more pics on gallery page.   THANKS to all that came out and made it one of the best JAM nights ever...the floor was junpin" all night long with Sue PAlmer & Motel Swing .  Congrats to Therese Farmen, Judy Kuo - Couples contest ( go, girl power) and Janette Kutchins -  Solo Charleston contest!   

Halloween Monster Swing JAM 2009
Halloween Monster Swing JAM
2togroove's epic costume swing dance party!
Live music, tasty food, fun costume contests, best in decorations.
Best Halloween party around.
2nd Dance floor upstairs (west coast, ballroom, more)

Saturday, October 30th
Free class 8:45-9:00pm
Dancing 9:00-12:30am 

buy early and save...

DanceFor2, 7528 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego CA 92111
$10K Viejas Swing Dance Spectacular

CONGRATS to the finalists & winners OF $10K David Patrone  5th Annual Swing Extravaganza at Viejas Casino
In all...2toGroove's performance team Swing FX had six dancers in the semi-finals ..that's the most of any grouip in town.  Way to go!

1st  place  $5000 Stephen Sayer & Chandrae Roethy (LA)
2nd place  $3000 Pepe Gonzalez & Angel Jenkins (LA)
3rd  place  $2000 Nate Sartain & Tertai Sartain (SD)
**Addt'l Congrats to 2 other finals couples for making it to the last round:  Jack Pham & Angela Cho (SD -SwingFX team) and Dan Ang & Alison Cook.  

Can't wait until next year!  ( sorry these pics are from previous years -  Viejas gaming license opw limits outside photography - no curtent pics available) 

Dreamcatcher Lounge  * Live Muisc * Dance Contest
Every Sunday ( except Superbowl) from Jan 7th to Mar 20th
Jim Cruzen & Margie Adams of 2toGroove will be on hand to teach the lesson & run the contest
Lesson at 5pm.   Dance 6-9pm

More details - click here for facebook page